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6 Local men back from a deep-sea fishing expedition .

On Aug 4th, six friends embarked on a trip to get away from work and everyday life and experience a deep-sea fishing adventure. Our group of anglers included Mark and Jeremy Chandler of Hadley, Albert Lescault and John Robarge of Corinth, Eric Varcoe of Porters Corners and Bob Dugan of Stillwater.

      Under the guidance of Captain Don Lowe, a 30 year seasoned veteran and his top-notch first mate Robert from Gloucester, Mass, the six of us friends experienced a great day aboard the Anne Rowe.
The Anne Rowe is 44 feet long, making it a very comfortable charter boat for six fishermen.

  We departed from the dock at 4:30 am, and from the time Captain Don gave the order to drop the lines, 'til last call, we were catching fish, and lots of them, to the point where our arms begged for a minute's rest. The catch included haddock, cod, pollock, cusk and hake.
       The highlight was when Albert had on a 38 pound cod, John had a 48 pound cod and Jeremy had on a cod that was too big for the scale. The only problem we had all day was that the scale was too small! Captain Don and Robert were friendly, helpful and hardworking.
        The fish we kept were filleted, bagged and kept on ice. We were all very impressed with Captain Don's determination to put the group on top of fish and we encourage you to give Anne Rowe Charters a call at 978-283-2046 or check out their Web site at:

                              Jeremy Chandler, Hadley, NY





From left, Bob Dugan of Stillwater, Mark Chandler and Jeremy Chandler of Hadley, Albert Lescault of Corinth, Eric Varcoe of Porters Corners and John Robarge of Corinth.

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